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Quantum Mechanics

I have always found that Quantum Physics has been taught very badly. For example, the infinite well. What. You have an infinite well. Whatever man. So what. It wasn't until later that I realized that Quantum Mechanics could be useful in doing crazy things with semiconductors. I know that often you need these prerequisites to completely understand the real life applications of these concepts, but you can't just have the motivations in the dark, or people can lose interest fast. That and also sometimes online activities or tools can also be a great help in getting a point across, even if purely mathematical. That's the angle that I really think teachers focus on. Quantum Mechanics will never be cool. Never be fun. Never be painless. Never without fail and fail again. But it is of insane use, and grants you crazy abilities. Like a dark magic. Quite painful, but you get powers at the end of it's mastery.

I loosely base the structure of this page off Griffith's Introduction to Quantum Mechanics, but I mostly use resources from books in the Creative Commons, like OpenStax, Librebooks, or books in Public Domain. I will cite where I get the information per page. If I haven't yet, the page is WIP.

Here are prerequisites to understanding Quantum Mechanics

THESE ARE WIP. If they link to a 404 page, then I'm still planning it. Sorry for the mislead.

The Basics

Hold your horses