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Understanding Probabilities

Definition of probability

So there's a particle. You've probably seen at least one science video about this. Like oh it could be here it could be there and whatnot. Before doing anything, the view I take is the Copenhagen interpretation, because anything else is too complicated for right now.

This is the common view, basically the set of views on quantum mechanics that allow "Schrodinger's cat" or "Wigner's Friend" to work. We will get to what this interpretation means in a second. There are literally hundreds of interpretations of quantum mechanics, and after combing through Wikipedia, I can confirm, no, there are no funny ones. There are ones that are weird, like ones from quantum mystics, but this is a topic of psuedoscience on its own.

The Copenhagen Interpretation is an interpretation with many rules and systems, but here is the one you need to know for now.

    1. Quantum Mechanics is indeterministic

What that means is that if you have a particle, and its wave function to describe it, know that you cannot really ever predict the position of the particle, nor the momentum, but you can the statistic probability where it can be.